Here I Am, Whole

The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. There is one exception - death. It’s funny that death is the only thing we know is guaranteed but we avoid the topic. We avoid the topic like we avoid “negative” feelings because dying is only really seen as negative, as sad. Maybe because death brings a … Continue reading Here I Am, Whole

2019 – Our Year in Photos

I can’t believe we are wrapping up 2019! The year has absolutely flown by, seriously. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of the year and here we are at the end. Like every year, there's been lots of ups and downs, highs and lows. The fact that I'm only awake for … Continue reading 2019 – Our Year in Photos

Our First Dog Show – Competing in Rally Obedience as a Handler with a Disability

Since the summer, time has seemed to fly by especially fast! We had a pretty good summer! We spent lots of time sitting outside in the sun, going for walks with River, heading to the beach, and working with my boy. Training with River was a big focus of my summer! We had decided to … Continue reading Our First Dog Show – Competing in Rally Obedience as a Handler with a Disability

Untangling Self-Worth from Productivity

When browsing social media, my feeds are regularly heavily populated with cute graphics sporting quotes encouraging its reader to “hustle harder”, with advertisements linking to blog posts teaching you how to make more money and be more successful, with influencers constantly promoting the newest and hottest products, and with people romanticizing a life of little … Continue reading Untangling Self-Worth from Productivity