Climbing Everest

People often use the analogy of climbing a mountain whenever they're faced with a hard journey. Gastroparesis, or really any illness for that matter, is most definitely a mountain, one nearly as tall as Everest. If you would have asked me this summer, I probably would have told you that I was, in no way, … Continue reading Climbing Everest

On being a Viking

My sleep has kinda been a mess over the past week. I switched to a new food which is no big deal to normal humans that have normally functioning stomachs, but for us with feeding tubes, it's a big enough deal to throw you off for a couple days (or a whole week). Anywho, because … Continue reading On being a Viking

My Story

My life got flipped upside down in October 2014. I was loving the university life when I got hit with a nasty chest cold. I didn't think anything of it because I lived in residence and everyone got sick in residence. The res-flu legend was very real and once one person got sick, you were … Continue reading My Story