May 2018 | Favourites

Hi friends! May has just flown by! The is my first time doing a post like this, it’s a little more on the relaxed side than my typical posts but I thought it’d be nice to share some of my favourite products, experiences, music, whatever I have loved during the month. Hope you enjoy this this post. Here are some of my favourites from May:

#1: Old Navy’s Mid-Rise 24/7 Rockstar Jeans

rockstar jeans

Okay so I generally don’t wear jeans because sitting in my wheelchair all day in pants with a tight waste band leads to uncomfortable bloating but these jeans are MAGIC! They are super stretchy, fitting like a glove with their 10% spandex. They are also the softest jeans I’ve ever put on my body because they’re actually a buttery smooth knit but look exactly like jeans. I find they fit perfectly through the leg and are a little big on the waistband which is perfect for being a 24/7 sitter. I definitely feel a bit more put together with these jeans on than with my typical leggings and I can handle wearing them all day!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Featuring my 24/7 Rockstar Jeans in the colour way “Rinse” plus my new cup holder

#2: Universal Drink Holder for Strollers, Wheelchairs, etc. 

cup holder

I hesitated getting a cup holder for SO long for my wheelchair because I didn’t really want to add bulk to my nice, streamline chair (I know, I know, dumb reason haha) but I finally bit the bullet and bought one because I needed a way to carry water for my poodle, River, when we’re out and about. I definitely don’t regret my purchase! This cup holder can be put on straight and diagonal poles and comes with a cup holder part and a carabiner. The carabiner part actually comes in handy to attach River’s leash to when training so I can be hands-free but still have control. I’ve been using the cup holder frequently for my self too (no more carrying drinks between my legs yay!). It’s also super easy to attach to your chair or stroller or whatever and you can remove the cup holder component without taking off the whole attachment thing.


#3: PICC Perfect 2.0 PICC Line Cover


I’ve been using PICC line covers since I first got my PICC line and I’ve been buying them from this company, Mighty Well, for almost as long! I love Mighty Well because they’re products made for PICC line users by PICC line users and I love supporting small businesses (especially woman entrepreneurs, #girlpwr!). Anyways, I needed a new cover so I got one of their new line covers, the 2.0. They’re made with really soft moisture wicking and anti-microbiable (!!!) fabric and they have some anti-grip strips to keep it up too. What I love is the new, bigger holes for the line to come through. I have a double lumen so having the extra space is awesome! If you’ve ordered one of the original covers in the past, I find these ones fit slightly bigger and, though it fits, I wish I would have sized down one. Regardless, I highly recommend!


This is an old photo with my PICC Perfect 1.0, I unfortunately don’t have a photo of my new one but it’s black!

#4: La Vie En Rose Pyjamas


I didn’t realize the value of really nice, really soft, really comfortable pyjamas until I basically started living in them. When you think about it though, most people spend like 1/3 of their life in bed plus all those lazy weekend chilling in PJs so it’s definitely worth investing in some nice quality material PJs. La Vie en Rose hands-down has my favourite PJs! They are uber soft and they come in so many cute styles from cutesy to sporty to fancier designs. I just find it makes me feel good when I feel as though I look cute and am comfortable in what I’m wearing so I had to invest in a couple pairs of summer pyjamas for when the warmer weather comes around.

I put a couple different cute pairs in the photo so, in the title, I’ll just link to their PJ page.

P.S., their mix-and-match PJs are buy one get one for 50% off right now!

#5: Lord Huron’s Vide Noir 


Ever since my best friend introduced me to Lord Huron during my first week of university, they have quickly taken the top spot as my favourite band. Vide Noir is their third album and was released at the end of April. I was a little hesitant when I heard the early releases of certain songs. I would classify their music as an indie-folk/rock fusion but this new album leans more towards the rock end of the spectrum with this album having a sci-fi sort of twist. However, the band’s signer and lyricist Ben Schneider totally came through. Every single one of their albums brings you on an incredible journey and this one is no different. Because of Schneider’s story-telling genius, I highly recommend you listen to the album in the order tracks are already in. This album has been on repeat endlessly on my Spotify since it’s been released.

#6: River’s first experience swimming!


We brought River for a walk in the trail around the lake at the Rez and we decided to bring him down to the water to see what he thought. He was a RIOT! He was splashing around in the water, running in and out, making the big splashes he could. River was just exuding pure happiness and it made all of us smile too! It was so funny afterwards because his little curls got so tight and he just looked like a goof soaked in water. We had lots of fun bringing him to one of our favourite places! He was the happiest ancient german water retriever around hahaha.



#7: Finishing a university class!

Last but not least, I finished my Sensation & Perception class this month! I had a final exam and a term paper and they’re DONE, yay! For those who don’t know, I’ve been slowly chipping away at my bachelor’s degree through Athabasca University, a completely online university based in Alberta, Canada. I am doing my B.A. in Psychology with most likely a minor in French. I can only handle doing a little bit of classwork at a time (being chronically ill really is a full time job) but i’ve decided to not care about how long it takes me to get my degree; I’m just going to do classes one at a time and I will slowly get there! Next up… Abnormal Psychology!



Hope everyone had an awesome May and an even better June 🙂

9 thoughts on “May 2018 | Favourites

  1. Deb Hall says:

    Oh wow, Kathleen! How fun to see River in a river… well, I mean a reservoir, but pretty similar: they’re both pretty wet! It reminded me that Mojo goes nuts over the hose spewing water so we are overdue getting him around the ‘big water’ as in Puget Sound or one of our lakes. Thanks for giving us the reminder we needed and it will be fun to see if he is as water crazy as we think he will be.


  2. Jan says:

    Love your post and pictures Kathleen! Thanks for the recommendations! I’m totally looking into the jeans, pj’s and band! Good on you for carrying on with your degree – you go girl xo. P.S. River is ADORABLE! I’ll be over this summer with Remi so we can have a doggie play date!


  3. Hazel Gaudet says:

    Morning Kathleen just rising and a good mornings read. You are such an exceptional gal and push forward which I LOVE. Your nanny and Ginette and i finally had tea at the mall this past week, beautiful lady so can tell where yours comes from. I’m so proud of you and that I know you. Your one in a million and love your blogs. Yard sale at St Anns looking for plant pots to break down my PEACE plant that MY Steve got when he passed it is so huge.
    God Bless you and have a wonderful June and look forward to your next blog. Love ya


  4. Joan Shillington says:

    Always good to read your blogs Kathleen. Good for you to continue on your education pathways. You are an inspiration to many. Keep up the positivity in your life. God Bless. 💕


  5. Tracy says:

    I really enjoyed this. In one of the pics I noticed the cushion on your wheelchair and I was wondering what you went with and how you like it? I’ve been struggling to find the perfect cushion for 24/7 sitting. Thanks for sharing your products (and bonus cute puppy pics). It helps when shopping on the web feels too large. Congrats on finishing your class and on your attitude. Being ill really is a job we never get a break from. I went online the same way you’re doing and I just loved the learning. Thanks.


    • Kathleen Elizabeth says:

      Hi Tracy! Thanks for your kind words or support! I appreciate it 💜. I’m sorry you’re dealing with chronic illness too, I hope you’re doing ok. The wheelchair cushion I use is the Roho Quattro! It has a ton of air cylinders that you adjust the amount of air in and it’s super comfy :). Hope that helps!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Judi McLellan says:

    Always enjoy reading your blogs Kathleen!
    You are such an inspiration!
    River is a beautiful dog!! Looks like he and you are a great match!


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