Modern Rose Gold Christmas

As I mentioned in my fall decor blog post, decorating is one of my new favourite ways to participate in and celebrate holidays! I strongly believe in our environment impacts us – it makes us feel good. An environment that’s healing can make us feel safe and relaxed and that’s one of the reasons why I love my bedroom. It is a space where I can relax and I wanted my Christmas decorations to reflect that too.

The main design of my room is mainly greys and whites along with different natural textures and materials like woods and metals. I don’t know the technical name for the style but I like to call it modern-bohemian. Going along with that theme, my Christmas decorations match that colour scheme too, mainly consisting of gold, rose gold, and white. I find it makes the room so peaceful while also looking modern and stylish. Though I love colourful palettes, keeping my room in more natural and neutral tones really gives the mood I want.

Though I don’t have a huge space, I was able to make some easy switches and swap some of my regular decor with more seasonal pieces. This year was my second year decorating my space and it was even better than last! Next year, I hope to add a bit more to the arrangement, we will see. Anyways, I was pleased with how it came out so here are some pictures and decorating tips.

Christmas Tree

I bought this Christmas tree last years from Michaels as well as the decorations. The tree is a pre-lit 7ft white artificial pencil tree by Ashland. It is super great quality and has beautiful little iridescent specks that make it sparkle when it’s lit up! One of my favourite things about it is how full it is. The tree is so pretty I thought i’d keep it simple with just ornaments. Because I have a puppy, I went with plastic shatterproof ornaments to keep him safe. They came in a 50ct of 5 different of gold, white, and rose gold ornaments, also by Ashland. My sequin tree skirt and star are both from Michaels too but aren’t available anymore.

River’s Corner

Most of River’s little corner looks similar during the year except I switched out most of the decorations. On the left, I usually have a big frame with hemp strings and clothespins to hold photos but I found this white sign at Michael’s and I loved it! It’s so unique how the words are carved into the sign and left unpainted. On the right side, the shadow box stays up yearly and I change out the filler. I got one bag of white, silver & gold and got one bag of rose gold & white mini-ornaments from Micheals and used some leftover silver ones from last year. The reindeer below it is also from Micheals. It’s neat because it has a bark finish with a glitter overlay so it has some rustic and modern charm. Beside the reindeer is a frame I also keep up yearly but I made a cute faux wood sign in Photoshop and got it printed at Costco to switch it up. I’m very pleased with it and very affordable. The embroidery hoop and “love” wooden sign are both gifts that stay up yearly.

I also put some decorations on top of River’s kennel to help it blend into the room. One of the best decisions I made was getting River’s black wire kennel painted white. It looks SO much better in white. It’s a big kennel and kind of overpowered the room in black. I don’t recommend doing it though if your dog is a kennel chewer! I have a few throw pillows that stay there but I added the white reindeer pillow for Christmas. I crocheted this reindeer pillow cover a couple years ago for my room. I also added a plant from IKEA (linked similar) because greenery is always a good touch. I like how the furry pillows add texture to the corner! The adorable llama pillow is from Urban Outfitters. Around the ceiling, I have wall plug-in fairy lights from Amazon that go all around my room that I enjoy year round.


Quite a bit of the stuff on my dresser is year round but I just switched a few things up! That’s one of my favourite ways to decorate when you don’t have a ton of space or don’t want it too cluttered; just take a few things off you surfaces and pop in some seasonal stuff instead. On my dresser I have the little light up Christmas tree which came from Lawton’s. I also added this cute furry white Santa who matches my room perfectly from Marshall’s. I got the brown bucket and bunch of gold and cream poinsettias from Michaels (linked similar). I love the shimmer they add to the corner! Usually there’s nothing on the wall to the right but I hung this wood sign also from Micheal’s there with a command hook to not damage the wall. On my circle shelf, I put my adorable cactus snow globe and I did have a white owl snow globe but that one got put away before I got pictures. Instead there’s a tiny LED cactus light I got as a gift. The frame beside it is one I usually keep on my dresser but I replaced the photo with one I found on Pinterest that matched the look of my room.

Hope you’re all having a happy 2019 so far and had a great holiday season

2 thoughts on “Modern Rose Gold Christmas

  1. Debbie says:

    Kathleen your space is beautiful and I absolutely love the dog kennel painted white, I can’t even imagine it being black , I’d love to paint Brandy’s but like you said she’s a chewer if she’s caged up so not a good thing for her, again things look beautiful
    Hope you had s fantastic holiday season
    and will have a healthy 2019


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