The summer of self-discovery

My routine over the last few years has stayed fairly consistent no matter what month of the year. It mainly consisted of running from appointment to appointment, test to test, spending more time with my doctors and other medical professional than my friends. Not only did I spend much of my time in the same … Continue reading The summer of self-discovery

How social media helps (and hurts)

Three summers ago, I was laying in a hospital bed in the fourth floor of our local hospital. I slowly try and pull myself up in bed, the new incision in my stomach pulling and causing pain. After I sat up, I hesitantly walked over to the mirror by my bed in a hunched over … Continue reading How social media helps (and hurts)


This past year was probably the toughest year of my life. With my health posing lots of challenges, I had a lot of hurdles to overcome and mountains to climb. Yet, because of all of this, I learned so many beautiful lessons I would like to share with all of you. I realized how much … Continue reading 2016.